Welcome to M-Office Portal

M-Office Portal is a global consortium that creates innovative business solutions. We are pioneering new frontiers in business information management with a very high level of creativity.

We continually think of how to make business operations faster, easier and richer.

We know that successful businesses are data driven. That is why we design and build robust information systems that effectively manage data for enterprises we support.

In M-Office Portal, we come up with new and better ways of making our clients achieve much more within a short time frame and with ease.

We conduct process mining projects for organizations that are already data driven.

Our Services

Custom Software Development

We offer full-cycle development services for web, mobile and desktop, building custom enterprise applications for various categories of business and organizations.

ERP Deployments

Focused on delivering efficient ERP solutions that match your business needs and IT development strategy

Process Mining

We deploy process management technique that allows for the analysis of your business processes, giving you the intelligence you need from your business data and processes .

Data Encryption Solutions

We offer data-encryption solutions: compress, password protect, encrypt, decrypt, store and enable secure transmission of huge confidential data.

IT Consulting

We offer consulting services to streamline IT strategy creating, information security assurance and system integration. Our approach is to focus on the client’s strategy and long-term goals

IT Infrastructure Management

Server Management, Maintenance and Support

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