Unveiling ERPRevolution
Do you have an enterprise or are you about to start one? Our Enterprise Resource Planning app called ERPRevolution has all the tools you need to produce excellent results in business. ERPRevolution can be deployed offline or online depending on our client’s requirement.

M-Office Introduction

Welcome to M-Office Portal International. We are a highly innovative and very dynamic ICT firm. We are totally committed to adding genuine value to everybody we serve anywhere in the world. Below are three dynamic business tools that we have developed for manufacturers, merchants/traders and service providers in all sectors of the economy.

  • ERPRevolution

    Do you desire to run an excellent business?

    Then downloading ERPRevolution now will be one of the wisest moves you ever made for your enterprise. This tool will help you collaborate effectively and will help you keep accurate records in every area of your business. Merchants who buy and sell, those who produce what they sell and businesses that render services can take advantage of this offline business tool.

  • Virtual-Store

    Sell Beyond Borders?

    This unique ecommerce development tool makes it possible for anybody without any programming knowledge to build a complete online store within minutes. Every online store designed using V-Store technology comes with an administrative control panel account where the site owner can.


    Enjoy Exceptional Performance

    SchoolIMS is a robust information management solution that makes running a school a walk in the park. Its Designed for Secondary/High, Primary, Nursery and Creche Schools

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